qPCR CovCheck Genome Coverage WGA QC SinglePlex Kit

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Previously distributed under Expedeon
qPCR CovCheck kit provides a ready to use set of PCR primers in a convenient 96-well plate format, paired with optimized qPCR reagents. The plate includes 4 identical sets of 24 different primer pairs that will amplify small portions from each human chromosome, allowing the real-time coverage analysis of 4 independent single-cell whole genome amplifications simultaneously. The optimised qPCR reagents (such as qCovCheckTM Master Mix containing hot-start Taq DNA polymerase, SYBR Green I, reaction buffer and dNTPs) means that qPCR CovCheckTM kit is an easy and convenient approach to getting the best form your single cell experiments, enabling visualization of specific targets, thereby minimizing costs.

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Supplier 4basebio
Regulatory Status RUO
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