Rat anti-Mouse IgG1 Secondary Antibody, HRP, eBioscience™

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Description: The monoclonal antibody M1-14D12 recognizes Mouse IgG1 antibodies and can be used as a second step reagent in flow cytometry and microscopy. The monoclonal does not recognize other mouse isotypes nor does it crossreact to rat IgG1 or any rat isotype antibodies. Applications Reported: This M1-14D12 antibody has been reported for use in western blotting, ELISA, immunohistochemical and immunocytochemical staining. Applications Tested: This M1-14D12 antibody has been tested by immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry after staining with a primary antibody of the mouse IgG1 isotype. This can be used at less than or equal to 20 µg/mL. For western blotting, this can be used at 1 µg/mL (1/500 dilution). It is recommended that the antibody be titrated for optimal performance in the assay of interest. Anti-Mouse secondary antibodies are affinity-purified antibodies with well-characterized specificity for mouse immunoglobulins and are useful in the detection, sorting or purification of its specified target. Secondary antibodies offer increased versatility enabling users to use many detection systems (e.g. HRP, AP, fluorescence). They can also provide greater sensitivity through signal amplification as multiple secondary antibodies can bind to a single prima

Category Antibody
Supplier ThermoFisher
Application Secondary antibody, EL, ICC, IHC, WB
Regulatory Status RUO
Host Rt
Clone Number [M1-14D12]
Crossreactivity Ms
Clonality Mab
Format Liquid; PBS; pH 7.2, with 50% glycerol and no preservative
Concentration 0.5 mg/mL
Working Dilution ELISA (Assay-Dependent), Immunocytochemistry (20 µg/mL), Western Blot (1:500-1:5,000), Immunohist...
Purity Affinity chromatography
Conjugation HRP
Storage Conditions 4° C
Disclaimer Alternative CatNo: 18401582
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Link To Supplier https://www.thermofisher.com
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