Direct-zol RNA MiniPrep w/ Zymo-Spin IIC Columns (Capped)

Catalog Number Pack Size List Price* Quantity
R2050 50 Preps 271,00 Add
R2052 200 Preps 796,00 Add
R2050S 10 Preps (Sample)   Inquire

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Product Description

The Direct-zol RNA MiniPrep provides a streamlined method for the purification of up to 50 µg (per prep) of high-quality RNA directly from samples in TRI-Reagent or similar*. Total RNA (including small and non-coding RNAs) is effectively isolated from a variety of sample sources (cells, tissues, biological liquids, etc.) using this product.
R2050 includes E1009 x 1: DNase I Set (250 U) w/ 10X Reaction Buffer (1 ml)
R2052 includes E1009 x 4: DNase I Set (250 U) w/ 10X Reaction Buffer (1 ml)

R2050 is an alternative to: Qiagen - RNeasy Fibrous Tissue Mini Kit (74704), RNeasy Lipid Tissue Mini Kit (74804), RNeasy Protect Bacteria Mini Kit (74524), RNeasy Protect Cell Mini Kit (74624), RNeasy Protect Mini Kit (74124), RNeasy Protect Saliva Mini Kit (74324), RNeasy PowerLyzer Tissue & Cells Kit (15055-50), RNeasy Plus Universal Kit (73404), RNeasy Mini Kit (74101), RNeasy Plus Mini Kit (74134), miRNeasy Mini Kit (217004) / Macherey-Nagel - NucleoSpin RNA (740955), NucleoSpin miRNA (740971), NucleoSpin RNA Plus (740984) / Promega - ReliaPrep RNA Cell MiniPrep (Z6010), ReliaPrep miRNA Cell and Tissue (Z6210), SV Total RNA Isolation (Z3100), ReliaPrep RNA Tissue MiniPrep (Z6110) / Norgen Biotek - Total RNA Purification Kit (17200), microRNA Purification Kit (

Category Kit - molecular biology
Supplier Zymo
Application RNA Purification
Regulatory Status RUO
Storage Conditions RT
Product Line Coronavirus
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Shipping Details Room Temp
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