6x DNA Loading Dye Buffer Orange

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Product Description

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6x DNA Loading Dye Buffers are used to prepare DNA markers and samples for loading on agarose or polyacrylamide gels. The optimized solutions contain different mixtures of three dyes: Bromophenol Blue, Xylene Cyanol FF and Orange G for visual tracking of DNA migration during electrophoresis. 6x DNA Loading Dye Buffers containing Orange G are recommended for the analysis of small DNA molecules and have no DNA masking during gel exposure to UV light. 6x DNA Loading Dye Buffer Blue and Dye Buffer Double Blue make pipetting visually easy with its dark blue color.

Category PCR
Supplier Solis BioDyne
Regulatory Status RUO
Storage Conditions Store at room temperature or at 4ºC.Long-term storage at -20ºC.
Product Line Free sample
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Link To Supplier http://www.sbd.ee
Shipping Details At room temperature
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