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Allergen Gal d 4 (46-61), chicken HY-P1560-5MG HY-P1560-1MG Inquire Inquire
Allergen Fel d 4 Protein, Cat (His-SUMO) HY-P71573-20uG HY-P71573-100uG Inquire Inquire
Minor allergen Can f 2 protein, Dog (His-SUMO) HY-P71525-100uG HY-P71525-20uG Inquire Inquire
Pollen allergen Phl p 5b Protein, Phleum pratense (His-SUMO) HY-P71554-20uG HY-P71554-100uG Inquire Inquire
Der p 23 Protein, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (HEK293, His) HY-P75289-250uG Inquire
Pollen allergen Phl p 2 Protein, Phleum pratense (HEK293, His) HY-P73703-250uG Inquire
Pollen allergen Phl p 5 Protein, Phleum pratense HY-P73702-250uG Inquire
Can f 6 Protein, Canine (HEK293, His) HY-P74357-250uG Inquire
Recombinant Der F1 Protein ALR-004-100uG ALR-004-0.5MG ALR-004-1MG 223,00 729,00 1'397,00
Recombinant Der P1 Protein ALR-003-100uG ALR-003-0.5MG ALR-003-1MG 223,00 729,00 1'173,00
Recombinant Phospholipase A2 P00630 Bee Venom Protein ALR-001-100uG ALR-001-0.5MG ALR-001-1MG 223,00 729,00 1'173,00
Recombinant Soy Bean P34 Protein ALR-002-100uG ALR-002-0.5MG ALR-002-1MG 223,00 729,00 1'397,00
Recombinant Soy Bean P34 Protein, GST Tag ALR-005-100uG ALR-005-0.5MG ALR-005-1MG 223,00 729,00 1'397,00
Specific IgE ELISA Kit KA4000 345,00
Recombinant Cla h 5 allergen protein 230-00276-10 230-00276-50 230-00276-100 130,00 222,00 314,00
  1-30 of 1520