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MaxDiscovery™ In Cell ELISA Kit FOOD-3440-02 275,00
MaxDiscovery™ Cholesterol Enzymatic Assay Kit FOOD-3460-06 395,00
MaxDiscovery™ Blood Urea Nitrogen Enzymatic Assay Kit FOOD-5602-01 394,00
MaxDiscovery™ Triglycerides Enzymatic Assay Kit FOOD-5603-01 394,00
MaxSuppressor™ In Vivo RNA-LANCEr II FOOD-3410-01 773,00
MaxDiscovery™ Non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) Assay Kit FOOD-5620-01 394,00
MaxSignal® Enrofloxacin ELISA Kit FOOD-1017-01 506,00
MaxSignal® Aflatoxin B1 ELISA Kit FOOD-1055-04 506,00
MaxSignal® Aflatoxin M1 ELISA Kit FOOD-1060-05 506,00
MaxSignal® Amantadine ELISA Kit FOOD-1123-03 570,00
MaxSignal® Amoxicillin ELISA Kit FOOD-1114-01 581,00
MaxSignal® Beta-Agonist ELISA Kit FOOD-1009-03 506,00
MaxSignal® Beta-Lactam ELISA Kit FOOD-1065-01D 581,00
MaxSignal® Carbendazim ELISA Kit FOOD-1098-01 498,00
MaxSignal® Chloramphenicol ELISA Kit FOOD-1013-02F 506,00
MaxSignal® Chlortetracycline ELISA Kit FOOD-1082-01D 623,00
MaxSignal® Ciprofloxacin ELISA Kit FOOD-1068-01 526,00
MaxSignal® Clenbuterol ELISA Kit FOOD-1021-03 506,00
MaxSignal® Crystal Violet ELISA Kit FOOD-1029-01T 730,00
MaxSignal® Deoxynivalenol (DON) ELISA Kit FOOD-1064-03A 506,00
MaxSignal® Diethylstilbestrol ELISA Kit FOOD-1012-01 560,00
MaxSignal® Doxycycline ELISA Kit FOOD-1083-01D 623,00
MaxSignal® Erythromycin ELISA Kit FOOD-1093-01 585,00
MaxSignal® Florfenicol ELISA Kit FOOD-1107-01 623,00
MaxSignal® Flumequine ELISA Kit FOOD-1059-01 528,00
MaxSignal® Fluoroquinolone ELISA Kit FOOD-1024-06 506,00
MaxSignal® Furaltadone (AMOZ) ELISA Kit FOOD-1020-03F 623,00
MaxSignal® Furazolidone (AOZ) ELISA Kit FOOD-1015-03F 623,00
MaxSignal® Gentamicin ELISA Kit FOOD-1027-01A 506,00
MaxSignal® Histamine Enzymatic Assay FOOD-1032-09 581,00
  1-30 of 92