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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Adenoviruses (type 1) monoclonal antibody, clone 8C4 MAB10114 454,00
Foot and mouth disease virus monoclonal antibody, clone 3G8-1 MAB10120 454,00
Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG (H&L) secondary antibody PAB9212 302,00
Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG F(ab')2 secondary antibody PAB9214 454,00
Rabbit Anti-Sheep IgG (H&L) secondary antibody PAB9452 302,00
ALB polyclonal antibody PAB15373 434,00
Trf polyclonal antibody PAB15384 434,00
C3 polyclonal antibody PAB15388 550,00
C8 polyclonal antibody PAB15390 434,00
HB polyclonal antibody PAB15397 454,00
CP polyclonal antibody PAB15405 434,00
a-1-Antitrypsin polyclonal antibody PAB15407 434,00
Goat Anti-Armenian hamster IgG (H&L) secondary antibody PAB9135 302,00
Rabbit Anti-Mouse serum secondary antibody PAB9376 550,00
Rabbit Anti-Bovine IgM (mu) secondary antibody PAB9146 1'042,00
Rabbit Anti-Cat IgM (mu) secondary antibody PAB9161 922,00
Rabbit Anti-Dog IgM (mu) secondary antibody PAB9186 922,00
Rabbit Anti-Horse IgM (mu) secondary antibody PAB9271 1'042,00
Goat Anti-Mouse IgM (H&L) secondary antibody PAB9350 1'042,00
Rabbit Anti-Mouse IgM (H&L) secondary antibody PAB9375 1'042,00
Rabbit Anti-Sheep IgM (mu) secondary antibody PAB9460 1'042,00
Rabbit Anti-Sheep IgG F(ab')2 secondary antibody PAB9454 454,00
Rabbit Anti-Sheep IgG F(c) secondary antibody PAB9456 454,00
Mouse Anti-Adenovirus Hexon DS-MB-00028 538,00
Goat Anti-IgA DS-PB-02217 268,00
Mouse Anti-Adenovirus hexon MD-05-0012 682,00
Sheep Anti-Human C5 DS-PB-00325 463,00
Sheep Anti-Human ALB DS-PB-00097 395,00
Sheep Anti-Human CA2 DS-PB-00362 477,00
Sheep Anti-Human Transferrin DS-PB-02001 383,00
  1-30 of 148