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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Alkaline Phosphatase Enhancer GTX30944 203,00
BCIP/NBT Substrate GTX30943 137,00
FITC monoclonal antibody MAB15095 486,00
FITC monoclonal antibody MAB15094 486,00
Human Artery (Normal) tissue slides GTX24283 395,00
Human Tonsil (Tumor) tissue slides GTX21742 446,00
Human Testis (Tumor) tissue slides GTX21747 446,00
Human Submaxillary gland (Normal) tissue slides GTX21750 395,00
Human Stomach (Diabetes) tissue slides GTX21757 446,00
Human Small Intestine: Jejunum (Diabetes) tissue slides GTX21797 446,00
Human Small Intestine: Ileum (Diabetes) tissue slides GTX21798 446,00
Human Small Intestine: Duodenum (Diabetes) tissue slides GTX21799 446,00
Human Skeletal Muscle (Diabetes) tissue slides GTX21805 446,00
Human Prostate (Tumor) tissue slides GTX21808 446,00
Human Pancreas (Diabetes) tissue slides GTX21813 446,00
Human Lung (Pulmonary embolism) tissue slides GTX21845 818,00
Human Lung (Pneumonia) tissue slides GTX21846 818,00
Human Lung (Emphysema) tissue slides GTX21848 818,00
Human Lung (Diabetes) tissue slides GTX21849 446,00
Human Lung (Bronchitis) tissue slides GTX21850 818,00
Human Lung (Asthma) tissue slides GTX21851 818,00
Human Liver (Tumor) tissue slides GTX21852 446,00
Human Liver (Diabetes) tissue slides GTX21856 446,00
Human Heart: Ventricle, right (hypertension) tissue slides GTX21860 446,00
Human Heart: Ventricle, right (Arrhythmia, infarct) tissue slides GTX21861 446,00
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