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Yeast Nitrogen Base w/o AA, Carbohydrate & w/AS (YNB) (Powder) Y2025-250G Y2025-500G Y2025-1KG Y2025-2.5KG Y2025-5KG Y2025-10KG 194,00 316,00 431,00 1'008,00 1'684,00 3'147,00
LB Agar Lennox, Animal Free (Powder) (Lennox L agar) L1500-01-500G L1500-01-2.5KG L1500-01-10KG 217,00 662,00 1'495,00
LB medium (powder), 5 kg (11 lb) 113002042 695,00
Minimum Essential Medium-Eagle (MEM-E), Earle's Salts Base, without L-Glutamine 01-025-1B 01-025-1A 72,00 100,00
RPMI Medium 1640, without D-Glucose, without L-Glutamine 01-101-1A 88,00
Lin s Cupric Sulfate Medium M2027-100G M2027-500G 134,00 Inquire
DMEM, w/o: Glucose, w/o: L-Glutamine, w/o: Sodium pyruvate,w/o: Phenol red, w: 3.7 g/L NaHCO3 P04-01548 33,00
DMEM, w: 4.5 g/L Glucose, w: stable Glutamine, w: Sodium pyruvate,w/o: Phenol red, w: 3.7 g/L NaHCO3 P04-03588 42,00
RPMI 1640, w: stable Glutamine, w: 2.0 g/L NaHCO3 P04-18500 P04-18100 33,00 34,00
DMEM/F12 (1:1), w: stable Glutamine, w: 1.2 g/L NaHCO3 P04-41150 33,00
MCDB-153 (Modified) 01-059-1A 162,00
Fluid Sabouraud Medium, granulated GM013-500G 60,00
Dichloran Glycerol Medium Base, granulated GM1129-500G 146,00
Slanetz and Bartley Medium, granulated GM612-500G 127,00
Reinforced Medium for Clostridia, granulated GMH443-500G 115,00
Thioglycollate Medium Fluid M009-10KG M009-2.5KG M009-5KG M009-100G M009-500G 60,00 Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire
Cooked M Medium w/ Glucose, Hemin & Vitamin K M1040-500G 303,00
Dichloran Glycerol Medium Base M1129-100G M1129-500G 129,00 Inquire
Crystal Violet Pectate Medium M1392-500G 112,00
Cooked M Medium (R.C. Medium) M149-100G M149-500G 291,00 Inquire
Nickerson Medium M217-100G M217-500G 112,00 Inquire
MIO Medium (Motility Indole Ornithine Medium) M378-100G M378-500G 106,00 Inquire
  1-30 of 6085