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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Exosome Save Reagent JOT-EV02-10-01 71,20
Exosome Lysis Buffer JOT-EV02-08-01 58,40
LB Broth Lennox, Animal Free (Powder) (Lennox L broth base) L1505-01-500G L1505-01-2.5KG L1505-01-10KG 149,00 453,00 1'287,00
ZymoBroth™ M3015-100 M3015-500 65,00 174,00
Rattler™ Plating Beads S1001 S1001-5 S1001-B 48,00 168,00 703,00
Terrific broth II, 454 g (1 lb) 113046022 Inquire
BCYE Growth Supplement FD142-5VL FD142-5X5VL 294,00 Inquire
Aleksandrow Agar M1996-500G 122,00
Lactic Supplement, Modified FD155-5VL 62,00
Preston Selective Supplement FD158-5X5VL FD158-5VL 64,00 Inquire
Buffered Peptone Water (BPW) (ISO) - 10kg NCM0015C Inquire
Tryptone Soy Broth - 10kg NCM0019C Inquire
Columbia Blood Agar Base - 500g NCM0031A Inquire
GC Agar-500g NCM0131A Inquire
Letheen Broth with Tween, Modified - 500g NCM0104A Inquire
Violet Red Bile Agar - VRBA (BAM) - 500g NCM0025A Inquire
NP-40 Lysis Buffer HY-K1002-100ML 73,00
Cefoperzone & Amphotericin (Former X112, X212) (mCCDA Selective Supplement) NCM4019-0.5 Inquire
Cefoperzone & Amphotericin (Former X112, X212) (mCCDA Selective Supplement) NCM4019-1.0 Inquire
RBC Lysis Buffer (10x), RUO 310115-100ML 310115-FS 83,00 Inquire
Dey-Engley Neutralizing Broth M1062-100G M1062-500G 46,00 115,00
Tartoff - Hobbs Broth (Terrific Broth), granulated GM1250-500G GM1250-10KG 2'121,00 Inquire
Anaero Supplement FD001-5VL FD001-5X5VL 138,00 Inquire
G.N. Anaero Supplement FD002-5VL FD002-5X5VL 171,00 Inquire
PolyB Selective Supplement FD003-5X5VL FD003-5VL 62,00 Inquire
S.F.P. Selective Supplement FD013-5VL FD013-4X5VL 121,00 Inquire
  1-30 of 7553