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Human HOXA9 knockout HEK-293 cell line ab280053-1VIA 3'296,70
Human NRP1 knockout A549 cell line ab269507-1VIA 4'687,20
Human PRMT6 knockout HEK-293 cell line ab269473-1VIA 3'296,70
Human THY1 (CD90) knockout U-2 OS cell line ab262490-1VIA 4'687,20
Human TMPRSS2 knockout Calu-3 cell line ab273734-1VIA 4'367,70
Human TNC (Tenascin C) knockout U-2 OS cell line ab262488-1VIA 4'687,20
Human ACSL3 knockout HeLa cell line ab265102-1VIA 3'296,70
Human IL1RN (IL1 Receptor Antagonist) knockout A-431 cell line ab273379-1VIA 3'978,90
Human ACAT1 knockout SW480 cell line ab269621-1VIA 4'687,20
Human ADAM17 knockout K-562 cell line ab280045-1VIA 4'687,20
Human ATP13A2 knockout HEK-293 cell line ab274925-1VIA 3'296,70
Human BNP knockout HeLa cell line ab277072-1VIA 3'296,70
Human CD274 (PD-L1) knockout A549 cell line ab267054-1VIA 4'383,00
Human CSF3 knockout K-562 cell line ab273740-1VIA 4'367,70
Human CYP24A1 knockout A549 cell line ab273735-1VIA 4'367,70
Human DUSP4 knockout A549 cell line ab273859-1VIA 4'687,20
Human HMOX1 (Heme Oxygenase 1) knockout A549 cell line ab269503-1VIA 4'687,20
Human HOXA9 knockout HEK-293 cell line ab273706-1VIA 3'296,70
Human IFNG knockout Jurkat cell line ab273746-1VIA 4'367,70
Human KRT13 knockout A-431 cell line ab269483-1VIA 4'687,20
Human L1CAM knockout HeLa cell line ab273836-1VIA 3'621,60
Human NBN (p95/NBS1) knockout A-431 cell line ab269506-1VIA 4'687,20
Human PSD95 knockout SH-SY5Y cell line ab280043-1VIA 4'687,20
Human PTPN6 knockout THP-1 cell line ab273717-1VIA 4'687,20
Human RAB27A knockout A549 cell line ab266921-1VIA 4'687,20
Human RAB29 knockout A549 cell line ab280040-1VIA 4'687,20
Human RANBP10 knockout HeLa cell line ab277990-1VIA 3'296,70
Human RANBP2 knockout HeLa cell line ab265618-1VIA 3'621,60
Human SESN2 (Sestrin-2) knockout HEK-293 cell line ab269486-1VIA 3'621,60
Human TGFB1 (TGF beta 1) knockout A549 cell line ab269509-1VIA 4'687,20
  1-30 of 5211