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Peptoid Ligand Discovery PLDS-PLD Inquire
MeX-SCS ServiceContractSoftware MS-0101 1'321,00
EGFR Phosphorylation Array Testing Service AAH-EGFR-SERV Inquire
RTK Phosphorylation Array Testing Service AAH-RTK-SERV Inquire
L-Series Array Testing Service (glass or membrane) AAX-SERV-BL Inquire
G-Series Array Testing Service AAX-SERV-GSL Inquire
C-Series Array Testing Service AAX-SERV-MEM Inquire
Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Service BBS-CUST Inquire
Consulting Service CONSULT-SERV Inquire
Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production CUST-MONO Inquire
Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production CUST-POLY Inquire
Custom Immunoassay Development Program CUST-PROD Inquire
Custom Recombinant Protein Production CUST-PROTEIN Inquire
EIA Testing Service EIA-SERV Inquire
ELISA Testing Service ELX-SERV Inquire
Molecular & Cellular Biology Services MOLBIO-SERV Inquire
Protein Array Testing Service PA-SERV Inquire
Phosphorylation ELISA Testing Service PEL-SERV Inquire
Custom Array Printing Service PRINT-SERV Inquire
Quantibody® Array Testing Service QAX-SERV Inquire
Custom RayPlex Bead Array Kit FAX-CUST Inquire
Custom Aptamer Services CUST-APTAMER Inquire
MAPIX Analyzer Full License MPX.001.000 Inquire
MAPIX Analyzer 3-Month License MPX.001.003 Inquire
MAPIX Analyzer One-Year License MPX.001.012 Inquire
PEPperCHIP® Custom Peptide Microarray PPC.001.001 Inquire
PEPperCHIP® Custom Cyclic Peptide Microarray PPC.014.001 Inquire
PEPperCHIP® Disulfide Cyclization PPC.035.001 Inquire
PEPperCHIP® Thioether Cyclization PPC.036.001 Inquire
PEPperMAP® Linear Epitope Mapping PPM.001.001 Inquire
  1-30 of 124