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Mouse Galectin 3 ELISA Kit ab203369 891,90
MitoBiogenesis™ In-Cell ELISA Kit (IR) ab110216 875,70
MitoBiogenesis™ In-Cell ELISA Kit (Colorimetric) ab110217 871,20
In-Cell ELISA (ICE) Support Pack w/o plates ab111541 361,80
In-Cell ELISA (ICE) Support Pack ab111542 466,20
Human Protein C ELISA Kit ab137988 886,50
Human Retinol binding protein ELISA Kit (RBP) ab137991 886,50
Rat Transferrin ELISA Kit ab137993 886,50
Human Pancreatic Amylase ELISA Kit ab137969 886,50
Human SAP ELISA Kit (APCS) ab137970 886,50
Human Complement C8 ELISA Kit ab137971 886,50
Human Complement C9 ELISA Kit ab137972 886,50
Human Factor B ELISA Kit ab137973 886,50
Human Factor H ELISA Kit ab137975 886,50
Human Factor V ELISA Kit ab137976 886,50
Bovine Haptoglobin ELISA Kit ab137977 886,50
Canine Haptoglobin ELISA Kit ab137978 886,50
Human IgA ELISA Kit ab137980 886,50
Human IgG3 ELISA Kit ab137981 886,50
Human IgM ELISA Kit ab137982 886,50
Human Protein C ELISA Kit ab137987 886,50
Human Protein Z ELISA Kit ab137989 886,50
Rat Transferrin ELISA Kit ab137992 886,50
Mouse Thrombin-Antithrombin Complexes ELISA Kit (TAT) ab137994 886,50
Human Apolipoprotein CIII ELISA Kit (APOC3) ab154131 886,50
Human Complement C2 ELISA Kit ab154132 886,50
Cortisol ELISA Kit ab154996 875,70
Canine Albumin ELISA Kit ab157695 875,70
Canine Complement C3 ELISA Kit ab157697 875,70
Canine C Reactive Protein ELISA Kit ab157698 875,70
  1-30 of 178750