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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Loading Dye Buffer, 6X L3350-5x1ML 328,00
Agarose High EEO A1040-100G A1040-500G A1040-1KG 181,00 526,00 908,00
Agarose High Gel Temp A1025-50G A1025-100G A1025-500G A1025-1KG 210,00 380,00 625,00 938,00
Protein Marker-2, Broad Range 350194-500uL 493,00
Protein MW Marker, Ladder, Prestained, 10-170kD P9106-51-250uL 488,00
jetBLUEX Protein Stain 551133-500ML 378,00
Protein MW Marker, Detection, 9-200kD (Biotin) P9106-25-65TST P9106-25-325TST 341,00 646,00
Nitrated MW Standards, Western Blot (SOD, SOD Dimer, BSA, Myosin) N2700-10-100uL 585,00
Loading Dye Buffer, Tri Color, 6X L3350-01-5x1MG 326,00
  1-11 of 11