Nucleic Acid
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Supplier Product name Pack size Price
NanOZ LNP-mRNA(GFP): 1mL (4*250µL) of LNP-mRNA, (100µg/mL of 5moU GFP mRNA) LNP11000mRNA11 1'802,00
ZymoBIOMICS HMW DNA Standard D6322 659,00
ATP HY-B2176-1ML HY-B2176-100MG HY-B2176-500MG 89,00 135,00 Inquire
Calf thymus DNA HY-109517-2MG HY-109517-100MG HY-109517-5MG HY-109517-25MG HY-109517-50MG HY-109517-10MG Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire
Adenosine 2',3'-cyclic phosphate HY-113401-1ST Inquire
Uridine 5′-diphosphoglucose (disodium salt) HY-N7032-50MG HY-N7032-1ML HY-N7032-100MG 53,00 57,00 77,00
L-Uridine HY-W006429-250MG HY-W006429-10MMO HY-W006429-S-1ST 82,00 88,00 Inquire
Purine HY-34431-100MG HY-34431-1ML 77,00 83,00
Uridine triphosphate (trisodium salt) HY-W013093-100MG HY-W013093-1ML 77,00 83,00
eGFP circRNA-LNP HY-153232-1ST Inquire
2',3,5'-Tri-O-benzoyl-4'-thiouridine HY-154646-1ST Inquire
5'-O-DMTr-2'-FU-methyl phosphonamidite HY-154080-1ST Inquire
5'-O-DMTr-dU-methyl phosphonamidite HY-154211-1ST Inquire
DMT-2'-F-Cytidine Phosphoramidite HY-153249-1ST Inquire
DMT-2'-F-6-chloro-dA phosphoramidite HY-W579410-1ST Inquire
N4-Bz-5'-O-DMTr-3'-deoxy-3'-fluoro-beta-D-xylofuranosyl cytidine-2'-CED-phosphoramidite HY-154618-1ST Inquire
N4-Benzoyl-N-DMTr-morpholino-5-methylcytosine-5'-O-phosphoramidite HY-154665-1ST Inquire
DMT-2'-F-dA(bz) phosphoramidite HY-W579408-1ST Inquire
  1-30 of 94496