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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
CIB-3b, Inhibitor of microRNA biogenesis 10-3923-5MG 10-3923-25MG 73,00 223,00
LNP Lipid-5 HY-153375-1ST Inquire
ALC-0315 analogue-2 HY-153380-1ST Inquire
LNP Lipid-6 HY-153376-1ST Inquire
ALC-0315 analogue-1 HY-153379-1ST Inquire
4A3-Cit HY-153373-1ST Inquire
CD19 CAR circRNA HY-153085-1ST Inquire
COVID-19 Spike Protein mRNA(N1-Me-Pseudo UTP) HY-153083-1ST Inquire
eGFP mRNA(N1-Me-Pseudo UTP) HY-153079-1ST Inquire
Firefly Luciferase circRNA HY-153082-1ST Inquire
Firefly Luciferase mRNA(N1-Me-Pseudo UTP) HY-153080-1ST Inquire
GalNAc unconjugated/naked Fitusiran (sodium) HY-150224-1MG 1'255,00
GalNAc unconjugated/naked Inclisiran HY-150223-1MG 1'255,00
PT-262 HY-100035-5MG HY-100035-10MG HY-100035-25MG HY-100035-50MG HY-100035-100MG 165,00 254,00 495,00 799,00 1'255,00
PLD4, Human (HEK293, C-His) HY-P78019A-5uG HY-P78019A-10uG HY-P78019A-50uG HY-P78019A-S-1ST 110,00 178,00 463,00 Inquire
PTGDS, Human (HEK293, C-His) HY-P71242A-5uG HY-P71242A-10uG HY-P71242A-50uG HY-P71242A-S-1ST 77,00 122,00 317,00 Inquire
GTI 2040 HY-153834-1ST Inquire
Pegnivacogin HY-153835-1ST Inquire
Anivamersen HY-153836-1ST Inquire
ISIS 14803 HY-153837-1ST Inquire
ODN 5328 HY-153838-1ST Inquire
  1-30 of 235392