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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Core Panel Multi-Tumor control slides TS900 TS900-25 212,00 469,00
Breast Panel Multi-Tumor control slides TS901 TS901-25 212,00 469,00
CD Marker Multi-Tumor control slides TS902 TS902-25 212,00 469,00
HeLa S3 (human cervix; adenocarcinoma ) cell line slides GTX25529 268,00
HL-60 (human promyeloblast; acute promyelocytic leukemia) cell line slides GTX25532 268,00
Jurkat (human [E6-1] T lymphocyte; acute T cell leukemia) cell line slides GTX25533 268,00
K-562 (human bone marrow; chronic myelogenous leukemia) cell line slides GTX25535 268,00
L1210 (mouse lymphocytic leukemia) cell line slides GTX25545 268,00
MCF-7 (human breast; epithelial; pleural effusion adenocarcinoma) cell line slides GTX25536 268,00
MOLT-4 (human T lymphoblast; acute lymphoblastic leukemia) cell line slides GTX25537 268,00
NIH 3T3 (mouse (mouse embryo) ) cell line slides GTX25546 268,00
P815 (mouse mast cell; mastocytoma) cell line slides GTX25547 268,00
RAW 264.7 (mouse Abelson murine leukemia virus -induced tumor) cell line slides GTX25548 268,00
THP-1 (human monocyte; acute monocytic leukemia) cell line slides GTX25540 268,00
Human Artery (Normal) tissue slides GTX24283 395,00
Human Uvula (Benign) tissue slides GTX21728 636,00
Human Uterus (Spindle Cell Tumor) tissue slides GTX21729 268,00
Human Uterus (Endometrioid Adenocarcinoma) tissue slides GTX21730 268,00
Human Uterus (Benign) tissue slides GTX21731 268,00
Human Uterus (Adenomyoma) tissue slides GTX21732 268,00
Human Uterus (Adenocarcinoma) tissue slides GTX21733 268,00
Human Uterus (Abnormal) tissue slides GTX21734 268,00
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