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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Strep-Tactin® AP conjugate 2-1503-001 133,60
Donkey Anti-Mouse IgG H&L (Alkaline Phosphatase) preadsorbed ab7062-500 398,70
Alkaline Phosphatase Mouse IgG - Isotype Control ab37357 597,60
Rabbit Anti-Rat IgG H&L (Alkaline Phosphatase) ab102169 367,20
Goat Anti-Syrian hamster IgG H&L (Alkaline Phosphatase) ab102305 367,20
Donkey Anti-Human IgG H&L (Alkaline Phosphatase) preadsorbed ab102422 398,70
Alkaline Phosphatase Anti-Biotin antibody ab106217 639,90
Alkaline Phosphatase Anti-Digoxigenin antibody [21H8] ab119345 639,90
Alkaline Phosphatase Anti-T7 tag® antibody ab133151 660,60
Alkaline Phosphatase Anti-S tag antibody ab133157 660,60
Native Streptavidin protein (Alkaline Phosphatase) ab134336 272,70
Native Chicken Deglycosylated Avidin protein (Alkaline Phosphatase) ab136211 456,30
Rabbit F(ab')2 Anti-Dog IgG H&L (Alkaline Phosphatase) ab136764 398,70
Alkaline Phosphatase Anti-Human Serum Albumin antibody ab19181 639,90
Alkaline Phosphatase Anti-6X His tag® antibody [HIS-1] ab49746 718,20
Goat F(ab')2 Anti-Mouse IgG - Fc (AP), pre-adsorbed ab5880 398,70
Goat F(ab')2 Anti-Mouse IgG+IgM+IgA - H&L (AP), pre-adsorbed ab6007 367,20
Goat F(ab')2 Anti-Rabbit IgG Fc (Alkaline Phosphatase) ab6024 367,20
Goat F(ab')2 Anti-Rat IgG - (Fab)'2 (AP), pre-adsorbed ab6518 398,70
Alkaline Phosphatase Anti-Biotin antibody ab6652 660,60
Alkaline Phosphatase Anti-Fluorescein antibody ab6657 639,90
Alkaline Phosphatase Anti-GFP antibody ab6661 660,60
Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG H&L (Alkaline Phosphatase) ab6722 367,20
Rabbit Anti-Mouse IgG H&L (Alkaline Phosphatase) ab6729 367,20
Rabbit Anti-Rat IgG H&L (Alkaline Phosphatase) ab6735 367,20
Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG H&L (Alkaline Phosphatase) ab6742 367,20
Rabbit Anti-Sheep IgG H&L (Alkaline Phosphatase) ab6748 367,20
Rabbit Anti-Human IgG H&L (Alkaline Phosphatase) ab6760 367,20
Rabbit Anti-Donkey IgG H&L (Alkaline Phosphatase) ab6766 367,20
Rabbit Anti-Guinea pig IgG H&L (Alkaline Phosphatase) ab6772 367,20
  1-30 of 1459