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Monoclonal Antibody to CD3 (Clone: OKT3) APC Conjugated 10-4089-AC-25 10-4089-AC-100 95,20 170,40
Monoclonal Antibody to CD4 (Clone: RPA-T4) APC Conjugated 10-4090-AC-25 10-4090-AC-100 85,60 142,40
Monoclonal Antibody to Human CD4 (Clone: OKT4) APC Conjugated 10-4159-AC-25 10-4159-AC-100 76,80 119,20
Monoclonal Antibody to Human CD8 (Clone: RPAT8) APC conjugated 10-4091-AC-25 10-4091-AC-100 114,40 283,20
Rabbit IgG Isotype control-APC Conjugated 11-201-AC-25 11-201-AC-100 85,60 142,40
Monoclonal Antibody to TLR2 (Clone: ABM3A87) APC conjugated 10-3026-AC-25 10-3026-AC-100 114,40 283,20
Monoclonal Antibody to TLR4 (Clone: HTA125) APC Conjugated 10-3021-AC-100 283,20
APC conjugated Goat anti Rabbit IgG (H+L) 11-315-AC-100 132,80
Monoclonal antibody to Human CD25 (Clone: 7G7B6) APC Conjugated 10-4125-AC-100 132,80
Monoclonal Antibody to TLR4 (Clone: HTA125) APC Conjugated 10-3021-25-AC 114,40
CD38 APC, RUO 100844-25TST 100845-100TST 100846-200TST 100844-FS 141,00 292,00 484,00 Inquire
TRBC1 APC, RUO 113344-25TST 113345-100TST 113344-FS 287,00 542,00 Inquire
CD38 APC, ASR 4008042-50TST 4008045-100TST 4008042-FS 356,00 566,00 Inquire
TRBC1 APC, ASR 4133042-50TST 4133045-100TST 4133042-FS 612,00 810,00 Inquire
FKBP4 monoclonal antibody, clone Hi52C (APC) MAB11382 907,00
  1-30 of 31391