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APC Mouse IgG2a [B12/8] - Isotype Control ab91364 351,00
APC Syrian Hamster IgG polyclonal - Isotype Control ab154432 351,00
APC Rat IgG2b, kappa monoclonal [KLH/G2b-1-2] - Isotype control ab154434 351,00
APC Mouse IgM, Lambda Monoclonal [11E10] - Isotype control ab154431 351,00
APC Mouse IgG - Isotype Control ab37360 597,60
APC Goat IgG - Isotype Control ab37379 597,60
APC Mouse F(ab')2 IgG1, Kappa Monoclonal [15H6] - Isotype control ab37391 597,60
APC Anti-Tcl1 antibody [1-21], prediluted ab167133 660,60
APC Anti-TIM 3 antibody [F38-2E2], prediluted ab155379 660,60
APC Anti-CD10 antibody [CB-CALLA], prediluted ab155342 660,60
APC Anti-CD2 antibody [RPA-2.10], prediluted ab155364 660,60
APC Anti-CD105 antibody [SN6], prediluted ab155367 371,70
APC Anti-Fc epsilon RI/FCER1A antibody [AER-37 (CRA1)], prediluted ab155369 587,70
APC Anti-CD34 antibody [4H11], prediluted ab155377 371,70
APC Anti-CD73 antibody [AD2], prediluted ab155378 371,70
APC Anti-VCAM1 antibody [STA], prediluted ab103173 660,60
APC Anti-F4/80 antibody [CI:A3-1] ab105080 660,60
APC Anti-CD73 antibody [CB-AD2] ab106675 361,80
APC Anti-Bone marrow stromal cell antigen 1 antibody [SY/11B5] ab106712 361,80
APC Anti-CD33 antibody [WM53] ab118967 660,60
APC Anti-Kappa light chain antibody [TB28-2] ab119122 660,60
APC Anti-PDGFR alpha antibody [16A1] ab119838 367,20
APC Anti-PDGFR beta antibody [18A2] ab119861 660,60
APC Anti-c-Kit antibody [104D2] ab130410 361,80
Goat F(ab')2 Anti-Mouse IgG+IgM+IgA H&L (APC) preadsorbed ab130775 398,70
Goat Anti-Mouse IgM mu chain (APC) preadsorbed ab130780 367,20
Goat Anti-Mouse IgG H&L (APC) preadsorbed ab130782 367,20
Goat Anti-Mouse IgG1 heavy chain (APC) preadsorbed ab130786 367,20
Goat Anti-Mouse IgG2b gamma chain (APC) preadsorbed ab130792 367,20
Goat Anti-Rat IgG+IgM H&L (APC) preadsorbed ab130798 367,20
  1-30 of 19389