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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Agarose Goat IgG, polyclonal - Isotype Control ab104155 597,60
Agarose Anti-V5 tag antibody ab1229 671,40
Agarose Anti-T7 tag® antibody ab1230 639,90
Agarose Anti-6X His tag® antibody ab1231 660,60
Agarose Anti-DDDDK tag (Binds to FLAG® tag sequence) antibody ab1240 660,60
Agarose Anti-Myc tag antibody ab1253 660,60
Goat Anti-Chicken IgY H&L (Agarose) ab76444 629,10
Agarose Anti-S tag antibody ab19369 660,60
Agarose Anti-6X His tag® antibody ab90663 660,60
Agarose Anti-T7 tag® antibody ab90665 660,60
Goat Anti-Mouse IgG H&L (Agarose) ab97025 367,20
Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG H&L (Agarose) ab97052 367,20
Agarose Anti-HA tag antibody ab214758 660,60
HA-tag monoclonal antibody, clone 12CA5 (Agarose) MAB1912 550,00
Rabbit anti-S-Tag Antibody, Agarose Immobilized RES-145D-Z RES-145D 252,00 847,00
Rabbit anti-HA Antibody, Agarose Immobilized RHGT-145D-Z RHGT-145D 252,00 847,00
Rabbit anti-C-Myc Antibody, Agarose Immobilized RMYC-145D-Z RMYC-145D 252,00 847,00
Rabbit anti-V5 Antibody, Agarose Immobilized RV5-145D-Z RV5-145D 252,00 847,00
Rabbit anti-AU1 Tag Antibody, Agarose Immobilized RAU-145D-Z 252,00
  1-23 of 23