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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Carnosine (Car) (BSA) abx281001-5MG abx281001-1MG 2'109,00 Inquire
Diacylglycerol (DAG) (BSA) abx281002-5MG abx281002-1MG 2'167,00 Inquire
Homocysteic Acid (BSA) abx281003-5MG abx281003-1MG 1'875,00 Inquire
Choline (Ch) (BSA) abx281008-5MG abx281008-1MG 1'875,00 Inquire
D-Galactose (D-Gal) (BSA) abx281009-5MG abx281009-1MG 1'875,00 Inquire
Digoxin (DGX) (BSA) abx281010-5MG abx281010-1MG 1'875,00 Inquire
Natamycin (NTM) (BSA) abx281011-5MG abx281011-1MG 1'875,00 Inquire
Oxidized Glutathione (GSSG) (BSA) abx281012-5MG abx281012-1MG 2'167,00 Inquire
Ziconotide (Zic) (BSA) abx281013-5MG abx281013-1MG 1'875,00 Inquire
25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 (Calcifediol) (BSA) abx160027-1MG Inquire
Pinaca Protein (BSA) abx160037-1MG 913,00
1,5-Anhydroglucitol (BSA) abx165501-5MG abx165501-100uG abx165501-200uG abx165501-1MG 563,00 650,00 1'875,00 Inquire
11-Hydroxyprogesterone Peptide (BSA) abx165611-5MG abx165611-100uG abx165611-200uG abx165611-1MG 650,00 767,00 2'284,00 Inquire
17-Hydroxyprogesterone (17-OHP) (BSA) abx165613-5MG abx165613-100uG abx165613-200uG abx165613-1MG 738,00 869,00 2'721,00 Inquire
  1-30 of 729