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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Mouse IgG1 Mab, Isotype control (Dy-410), RUO IQP-191D 307,00
Mouse anti-CD3 Mab [UCHT1] (Dy-410), IgG1, RUO IQP-519D 456,00
Anti- CD4 Mab [Edu-2] (DY410), IgG2a, RUO IQP-535D 456,00
Mouse anti-CD20 Mab [B-ly1] (Dy-410), IgG1, RUO IQP-108D 456,00
Mouse anti-CD45 Mab [ML2] (Dy-410), IgG1, RUO IQP-124D 456,00
Anti-Hemoglobin F (HbF1) Mab [WBAC HbF1] (Dy-410), IgG1, ASR IQP-567D 531,00
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