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PE/Cy5® Mouse IgG1, kappa monoclonal [15H6] - Isotype control ab67435 351,00
PE/Cy5® Armenian Hamster IgG - Isotype Control ab157805 576,90
PE/Cy5® Anti-HLA Class 1 ABC antibody [W6/32], prediluted ab155381 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD80 antibody [2D10.4], prediluted ab155374 371,70
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD3 antibody [UCHT1], prediluted ab157300 371,70
PE/Cy5® Anti-c-Kit antibody [104D2], prediluted ab157301 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD19 antibody [4G7], prediluted ab157303 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD45 antibody [HI30], prediluted ab155385 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD27 antibody [O323] ab134497 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD38 antibody [90] ab25043 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD40 antibody [1C10] ab25044 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-LAMP2 antibody [H4B4] ab25223 361,80
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD90 / Thy1 antibody [G7] ab25272 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD45.1 antibody [A20] ab25349 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD19 antibody [6D5] ab25508 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD3 epsilon antibody [C363.29B] ab25531 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD11b antibody [M1/70] ab25533 377,10
PE/Cy5® Anti-IL-2 Receptor alpha antibody [7D4] ab25534 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD45RO antibody [UCHL1] ab95520 371,70
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD62L antibody [DREG-56] ab95540 371,70
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD10 antibody [CB-CALLA] ab95543 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD80 antibody [16-10A1] ab95548 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD2 antibody [RPA-2.10] ab95556 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD90 / Thy1 antibody [5E10] ab95698 371,70
PE/Cy5® Anti-TCR gamma + TCR delta antibody [GL3] ab95737 393,30
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD86 antibody [IT2.2] ab95745 371,70
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD8 beta antibody [H35-17.2] ab95769 403,20
PE/Cy5® Anti-Ly76 antibody [TER-119] ab95823 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-HLA-DR antibody [LN3] ab95830 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD21 antibody [LT21] ab201303 629,10
  1-30 of 9792