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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Fluorescein antibody (TxRd) GTX26654 416,00
Biotin antibody (TxRd) GTX26653 416,00
Cyanine antibody (TxRd) GTX26937 416,00
GFP antibody (TxRd) GTX26660 416,00
Goat Anti-Chicken IgY antibody, pre-adsorbed (TxRd) GTX27116 176,00
Goat Anti-Guinea Pig IgG antibody, pre-adsorbed (TxRd) GTX27137 202,00
Goat Anti-Golden Syrian Hamster IgG antibody, pre-adsorbed (TxRd) GTX27144 203,00
Goat Anti-Human IgG antibody, pre-adsorbed (TxRd) GTX27151 176,00
Rabbit Anti-Human IgG antibody, pre-adsorbed (TxRd) GTX27158 137,00
Donkey Anti-Mouse IgG antibody, pre-adsorbed (TxRd) GTX27059 203,00
Goat Anti-Mouse IgG antibody, pre-adsorbed (TxRd) GTX27066 203,00
Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG antibody, pre-adsorbed (TxRd) GTX27088 176,00
Goat Anti-Rat IgG antibody, pre-adsorbed (TxRd) GTX27095 176,00
Sheep Anti-Rabbit IgG antibody (TxRd) GTX26793 203,00
Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG antibody (TxRd) GTX26719 203,00
Protein A antibody (TxRd) GTX27247 363,00
Avidin antibody (TxRd) GTX27234 363,00
Chicken Anti-Rabbit IgG antibody (TxRd) GTX26827 342,00
Rabbit Anti-Mouse IgG antibody (TxRd) GTX26726 203,00
Donkey Anti-Rabbit IgG antibody (TxRd) GTX26800 203,00
Rabbit Anti-Bovine IgG antibody (TxRd) GTX26925 203,00
Goat Anti-Bovine IgG antibody (TxRd) GTX26932 203,00
Goat Anti-Chicken IgY antibody (TxRd) GTX26875 203,00
Rabbit Anti-Donkey IgG antibody (TxRd) GTX26763 203,00
Goat Anti-Donkey IgG antibody (TxRd) GTX26986 203,00
  1-25 of 192

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