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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Anti-Histone H3 antibody - Nuclear Marker and ChIP Grade ab1791-100 ab1791-250 655,20 1'175,40
Anti-S100 beta antibody [EP1576Y] - Astrocyte Marker ab52642-100 812,70
Anti-GAPDH antibody [6C5] - Loading Control ab8245 776,70
Anti-Histone H3 (acetyl K27) antibody - ChIP Grade ab4729-100 639,90
Anti-RNA polymerase II CTD repeat YSPTSPS (phospho S5) antibody ab5131-50 755,10
Anti-Histone H3 (tri methyl K27) antibody [mAbcam 6002] - ChIP Grade ab6002 671,40
Anti-CYFIP2 antibody ab95969 671,40
Anti-SOX2 antibody ab97959-100 623,70
Anti-Zebrafish Basement Membrane From Intestinal Epithelial antibody [5F11] ab71312-50 619,20
Anti-Zebrafish Intestinal Epithelium Basolateral Pole Cells antibody [2H9] ab71504-50 619,20
Anti-Zebrafish Posterior Intestinal Goblet Cells antibody [3G12] ab71508 619,20
Anti-DeltaD antibody [Dld 5C7/2, zdd2] ab73331 645,30
Anti-DeltaC antibody [zdc2] ab73336 629,10
Anti-Zebrafish Gut Absorptive Cell Epitopes antibody [FIS 4E8/1] ab73643 639,90
Anti-NUMB antibody ab155415 671,40
Anti-RS1 antibody ab167579 671,40
Anti-GFAP antibody [ZRF-1] ab154474 587,70
Anti-CAPZA2 antibody ab101451 619,20
Anti-cyp19a1b antibody ab106168 619,20
Anti-IGF1 antibody ab106836 660,60
Anti-Histone H3 (acetyl K9) antibody - ChIP Grade ab10812 623,70
Anti-Carbonic Anhydrase 1/CA1 antibody [EPR5193] ab108367 639,90
Anti-NDUFS3 antibody [3F9DD2] ab110246 697,50
Anti-COX4 + COX4L2 antibody [10G8D12C12] ab110261 608,40
Anti-COX5A antibody [6E9B12D5] ab110262 629,10
Anti-ATP5A antibody [7H10BD4F9] ab110273 697,50
Anti-PDHA1 antibody [8D10E6] ab110334 608,40
Anti-GAD65 + GAD67 antibody ab11070 713,70
Anti-PARK7/DJ1 antibody [malphaDJ-1/E2.19] ab11251-100 666,00
  1-30 of 4362