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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
LiliF™ MDV Nested PCR Kit IP13421 287,00
LiliF™ ILTV PCR Kit IP11283 259,00
LiliF™ IBDV RT-PCR Kit IP12283 287,00
LiliF™ IBV RT-PCR Kit IP12284 287,00
LiliF™ APEC PCR Kit IP21001 334,00
LiliF™ MG_MS PCR Kit IP21421 334,00
LiliF™ NDV RT-PCR Kit IP12456 334,00
LiliF™ AIV RT-PCR Kit IPC11002 522,00
LiliF™ AIV Multi-tube RT-PCR Kit (Item permission) IPC11009 428,00
LiliF™ IBV Real-time RT-PCR Kit IP15281 569,00
LiliF™ NDV Real-time RT-PCR Kit IP15456 569,00
LiliF™ AAV PCR Kit IP11003 287,00
LiliF™ AIV HA (1-16) Multi-tube RT-PCR Kit IPC12020 569,00
LiliF™ CB type C & C/D PCR Kit IPC12011 522,00
Carnitine Acetyltransferase abx089256-5MG abx089256-1MG abx089256-10MG Inquire Inquire Inquire
Ferritin Polyclonal Antibody D01072B 658,00
Midkine Polyclonal Antibody D02062B 646,00
LiliF™ AIV M Real-time RT-PCR Kit (Item permission) IP15004 569,00
LiliF™ AIV 5 Real-time RT-PCR Kit (Item permission) IP15005 569,00
LiliF™ AIV 7 Real-time RT-PCR Kit (Item permission) IP15006 569,00
Duck IgY (From Serum) AS16 3651 276,00
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