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Max CHF:
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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Dog Complement Preserved Serum ab155110-5 ab155110-10 319,50 371,70
Native Dog Canine Albumin protein ab119814 550,80
Native Dog Plasminogen protein ab119821 1'075,50
Recombinant Dog Interferon gamma protein ab222448 923,40
Native Dog IgG protein ab198651 387,90
Native Dog Apotransferrin protein ab198654 304,20
Recombinant Dog RWDD1 protein ab139198 623,70
Recombinant dog RAB7 protein ab89986 576,90
Recombinant Dog GRP94 protein ab92290 456,30
Recombinant Dog Prorenin protein ab92555 834,30
Recombinant dog Urokinase protein ab92592 603,00
Native Dog Fibrinogen protein (FITC) ab92970 1'316,70
Native Dog Fibrinogen protein ab93006 765,90
Recombinant Dog Renin protein ab93265 834,30
Normal Dog Serum 004-000-001 004-000-120 95,00 126,00
Dog Gamma Globulin 004-000-002 150,00
ChromPure Dog IgG, whole molecule 004-000-003 240,00
LiliF™ CAV PCR Kit IP11072 270,00
LiliF™ CHV PCR Kit IP11073 270,00
LiliF™ BRU spp PCR Kit IP21041 270,00
LiliF™ EHR PCR Kit IP21143 270,00
LiliF™ LEPTO PCR Kit IP21386 270,00
LiliF™ Myco-spp PCR Kit IP21425 270,00
LiliF™ SAL PCR Kit IP21631 270,00
LiliF™ HW PCR Kit IP31246 270,00
LiliF™ ASP PCR Kit IP41001 270,00
LiliF™ CDV Nested-PCR Kit IP13071 350,00
LiliF™ CCoV RT-PCR Kit IP12071 300,00
  1-30 of 218