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Supplier Product name Pack size Price
Rhamnogalacturonan-I backbone (clone CCRC-M35) AS16 3224-1ml 231,00
Arabinogalactan-4 (clone CCRC-M78) AS16 3231-1ml 231,00
Pectic polysaccharide, homogalacturonan (monoclonal, clone LM19) AS18 4191-1ml 231,00
Pectic polysaccharide, homogalacturonan (monoclonal, clone JIM5) AS18 4194-1ml 231,00
Pectic polysaccharide, beta-1,4-galactan (monoclonal, clone LM5) AS18 4197-1ml 231,00
Pectic polysaccharide, alpha-1,5-arabinan (monoclonal, clone LM6) AS18 4198-1ml 231,00
Xyloglucan (monoclonal, clone LM15) AS18 4203-1ml 231,00
Xyloglucan (monoclonal, clone LM24) AS18 4204-1ml 231,00
Glucuronoxylan (monoclonal, clone LM28) AS18 4208-1ml 231,00
Arabinogalactan-protein, AGP (monoclonal, clone LM2) AS18 4211-1ml 231,00
Ferulated polysaccharides (monoclonal, clone LM12) AS18 4212-1ml 231,00
Heteromannan (monoclonal, clone LM21) AS18 4209-1ml 231,00
Heteroxylan (monoclonal, clone LM10) AS18 4206-1ml 231,00
Heteroxylan (monoclonal, clone LM11) AS18 4207-1ml 231,00
Acetylated glucomannan (Clone CCRC-M170) AS16 3226-1ml 231,00
Arabinogalactan-2 (clone CCRC-M133) AS16 3115-1ml 231,00
Arabinogalactan-3 (clone CCRC-M85) AS16 3133-1ml 231,00
Fucosylated xyloglucan (clone CCRC-M1) AS16 3136-1ml 231,00
Non-fucosylated xyloglucan- (clone CCRC-M58) AS16 3235-1ml 231,00
Non-fucosylated xyloglucan-1 (clone CCRC-M101) AS16 3230-1ml 231,00
Non-fucosylated xyloglucan-2 (clone CCRC-M88) AS16 3233-1ml 231,00
Non-fucosylated xyloglucan-3 (clone CCRC-M100) AS16 3234-1ml 231,00
Non-fucosylated xyloglucan-5 (clone CCRC-M48) AS16 3221-1ml 231,00
Rhamnogalacturonan-I / Arabinogalactan (clone CCRC-M7) AS16 3225-1ml 231,00
Rhamnogalacturonan-Ia (clone CCRC-M2) AS16 3134-1ml 231,00
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