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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Insulin ELISA, CE-IVD KAP1251 339,00
Mouse anti-Human CD103 Mab [B-ly7] (FITC), IgG1, CE-IVD IQP-111F50 IQP-111F 303,00 441,00
Mouse anti-CD45 Mab [ML2] (FITC), IgG1, CE-IVD IQP-124F 441,00
Mouse anti-Human CD138 Mab [B-A38] (FITC), IgG1, CE-IVD IQP-153F50 IQP-153F 303,00 441,00
Mouse anti-Human CD138 Mab [B-A38] (R-PE), IgG1, CE-IVD IQP-153R50 IQP-153R 358,00 534,00
HITAlert™ Kit, CE-IVD IQP-396 456,00
Mouse anti-human CD19 Mab [HD37] (R-PE), IgG1, CE-IVD IQP-515R 524,00
Mouse anti-human CD3 Mab [UCHT1] (FITC), IgG1, CE-IVD IQP-519F 441,00
FMH QuikQuant™, CE-IVD QQF-100 919,00
Neopterin ELISA, CE-IVD RE59321 435,00
Active-B12 (Holotranscobalamin) ELISA, CE-IVD AX53101 973,00
MuSK-Ab ELISA, CE-IVD RE51021 1'480,00
Fetal Cell Count™ Kit, CE-IVD IQP-363 567,00
Virus Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit PDC03-0100 PDC03-0100S 461,00 Inquire
Mbead Virus Genomic Nucleic Acid Kit PDM04-0100 PDM04-0100S 365,00 Inquire
NF-light ® ELISA, CE-IVD UD51001 1'220,00
FETALtrol™, CE-IVD FH102 FH101 309,00 425,00
SOX-10 Antibody (Concentrate), CE-IVD IHC010-100 IHC010-1 132,00 507,00
SOX-10 Antibody (Predilute), CE-IVD IHC010-7 290,00
Ki-67 Antibody (Concentrate), CE-IVD IHC067-100 IHC067-1 102,00 423,00
Ki-67 Antibody (Predilute), CE-IVD IHC067-7 187,00
IDH1 R132H Antibody (Concentrate), CE-IVD IHC132-100 IHC132-1 181,00 650,00
IDH1 R132H Antibody (Predilute), CE-IVD IHC132-7 314,00
  1-30 of 906