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Cu/Zn Superoxide Dismutase Human ELISA BVD-RAF009R-96 677,00
GM-CSF Human ELISA BVD-RAF016R-96 677,00
Interleukin-13 Human ELISA BVD-RAF035R-96 677,00
Interleukin-2 Human ELISA BVD-RAF056R-96 677,00
sCD40 Human ELISA BVD-RAF092R-96 677,00
sFas Ligand Human ELISA BVD-RAF100R-96 677,00
sICAM-3 Human ELISA BVD-RAF105R-96 677,00
sInterleukin-6 Receptor Human ELISA BVD-RAF107R-96 677,00
sVAP-1 Human ELISA BVD-RAF117R-96 677,00
IGFBP-1 Human ELISA, CE-IVD BVD-E01-96 590,00
IGFBP-2 Human ELISA, CE-IVD BVD-E05-96 623,00
Surfactant Protein D Human ELISA, CE-IVD BVD-RD194059101-96 737,00
sHLA-G ELISA BVD-RD194070100R-96 1'055,00
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