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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Mouse Anti-T. brucei Procyclin GPEET DS-MB-02469 612,00
Mouse Anti-T. cruzi LPG DS-MB-02472 989,00
Mouse Anti-Leishmania gp63 DS-MB-01777 994,00
Mouse Anti-LPG (Repeat Epitope) DS-MB-01776 974,00
Mouse Anti-T. vaginalis 1 DS-MB-02454 510,00
Mouse Anti-Kinetoplastid membrane Protein 11 DS-MB-01745 989,00
Goat Anti-Cryptosporidium (Intact Oocysts), Bovine MD-05-0098 545,00
Mouse Anti-G. lamblia DS-MB-01360 370,00
Mouse Anti-Cryptosporidium DS-MB-01074 548,00
Rabbit Anti-T. gondii RH Strain DS-PB-01991 451,00
Mouse Anti-G. lamblia DS-MB-01359 548,00
Recombinant PLASMODIUM VIVAX CSP PROTEIN DS-01-0364 1'112,00
Mouse Anti-T. gondii P30 DS-MB-02448 510,00
Goat Anti-T. gondii DS-PB-01990 559,00
Mouse Anti-Cryptosporidium [+FITC] DS-MB-01072 444,00
Goat Anti-Giardia lamblia MD-05-0157 545,00
Mouse Anti-T. gondii MD-05-0478 627,00
Mouse Anti-Cryptosporidium DS-MB-01071 510,00
Mouse Anti-Cryptosporidium (Intact Oocysts) MD-05-0101 1'023,00
  1-19 of 19