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Supplier Product name Pack size Price
Anti-Biotin antibody [Hyb-8] ab201341 749,00
Anti-Digoxigenin antibody [21H8] ab420 724,00
Proteinase K Antigen Retrieval Solution ab64220 295,00
Anti-DDDDK tag (Binds to FLAG® tag sequence) antibody [FG4R] ab125243 650,00
Anti-53BP1 antibody ab21083 793,00
Anti-gamma H2A.X (phospho S139) antibody [9F3] ab26350 824,00
HRP Anti-Digoxigenin antibody [HRP.21H8] ab6212 755,00
Biotin Anti-Fluorescein antibody [BT.6A4] ab6215 693,00
Biotin Anti-Fluorescein antibody ab6655 724,00
Biotin Anti-GFP antibody ab6658 780,00
Salmon Sperm ssDNA ab229278 376,00
StayBlue/AP 30ml (Alcohol and Xylene Substitute Compatible) ab178453 276,00
UltraBrite Yellow IHC chromogen (HRP) ab286894-30ML 867,00
  1-13 of 13