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Anti-STAT5a (phospho Y694) antibody [6HCLC] ab277762-100uG 706,00
Anti-Insulin Receptor (phospho Y1158) antibody [8HCLC] ab277763-100uG 706,00
Anti-STAT2 antibody [1HCLC] ab277764-100uG 706,00
Anti-STAT6 antibody [21HCLC] ab277765-100uG 706,00
Anti-Cx36 antibody [2HCLC] ab277766-100uG 706,00
Anti-eIF4EBP1 (phospho T46) antibody [19HCLC] ab277767-100uG 706,00
Anti-Ubiquitin antibody [10HCLC] ab277768-100uG 706,00
Anti-JunB antibody [15HCLC] ab277769-100uG 706,00
Anti-IRS1 (phospho S636 + S639) antibody [25HCLC] ab277770-100uG 706,00
Anti-Cdc25A (phospho S18) antibody [20HCLC] ab277771-100uG 706,00
Anti-CDK1 (phospho T14 + Y15) antibody [17 HCLC] ab277772-100uG 706,00
Anti-KLF5 antibody [23HCLC] ab277773-100uG 706,00
Anti-Rb (phospho S807 + S811) antibody [13HCLC] ab277774-100uG 706,00
Anti-Rb (phospho S788) antibody [6HCLC] ab277775-100uG 706,00
Anti-ATF2 (phospho Y69 + T71) antibody [24HCLC] ab277776-100uG 706,00
Anti-GSK3 (alpha + beta) (phospho Y216 + Y279) antibody [19HCLC] ab277777-100uG 706,00
Anti-CXCR4 (phospho S324 + S325) antibody [4 HCLC] ab277778-100uG 706,00
Anti-RHOB antibody [19HCLC] ab277779-100uG 706,00
Anti-AMPK beta 2/PRKAB2 antibody [6HCLC] ab277780-100uG 706,00
Anti-AS160 (phospho S588) antibody [5HCLC] ab277781-100uG 706,00
Anti-ABL1 (phospho Y393) antibody [19HCLC] ab277782-100uG 706,00
Anti-EGFR (phospho Y1045) antibody [1HCLC] ab277783-100uG 706,00
Anti-CaMKII (phospho T305 + T306) antibody [2HCLC] ab277784-100uG 706,00
Anti-beta Catenin (phospho S552) antibody [1HCLC] ab277785-100uG 706,00
Anti-Paxillin (phospho S178) antibody [21HCLC] ab277786-100uG 706,00
Anti-SIN1 (phospho T86) antibody [19HCLC] ab277787-100uG 706,00
Anti-Cdk4 (phospho T172) antibody [9HCLC] ab277788-100uG 706,00
Anti-MEK1 (phospho T386) antibody [8HCLC] ab277789-100uG 706,00
Anti-MYL9 (phospho T18 + S19) antibody [18HCLC] ab277790-100uG 706,00
Anti-TAZ (phospho S311) antibody [14HCLC] ab277791-100uG 706,00
  1-30 of 145