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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Dog Complement Preserved Serum ab155110-5 ab155110-10 339,00 395,00
Native Dog Canine Albumin protein ab119814 594,00
Native Dog Plasminogen protein ab119821 1'160,00
Recombinant Dog RWDD1 protein ab139198 675,00
Recombinant dog RAB7 protein ab89986 612,00
Recombinant Dog GRP94 protein ab92290 475,00
Recombinant Dog Prorenin protein ab92555 892,00
Recombinant dog Urokinase protein ab92592 637,00
Native Dog Fibrinogen protein (FITC) ab92970 1'427,00
Native Dog Fibrinogen protein ab93006 818,00
Recombinant Dog Renin protein ab93265 892,00
Native Dog IgG protein ab198651 413,00
Native Dog Apotransferrin protein ab198654 320,00
Recombinant Dog Interferon gamma protein ab222448 1'004,00
  1-15 of 15