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Lipocalin-2/NGAL Human ELISA BVD-RD191102200R-96 689,00
MxA Protein Human ELISA BVD-RD194349200R-96 824,00
Periostin Human ELISA BVD-RAG019R-96 968,00
Periostin Mouse ELISA BVD-RAG020R-96 884,00
Aquaporin-4 Autoantibody Human ELISA BVD-RAQP4/96/2R-96 1'212,00
Leucine-Rich Alpha-2-Glycoprotein NATIVE, Human Serum BVD-RD162183100-0.1 535,00
Gastrokine-2 Human E. coli BVD-RD172269100-0.1 535,00
Angiopoietin-Like Protein 2 Human E. coli BVD-RD172305100-0.1 535,00
Ganglioside GM2 Activator Human E. coli BVD-RD172309100-0.1 535,00
Decorin Human E. coli BVD-RD172324100-0.1 535,00
Pyruvate Kinase M2 Human E. coli BVD-RD172345100-0.1 535,00
Betatrophin Human E. coli BVD-RD172347100-0.1 535,00
Zinc Transporter 8 Autoantibody Human ELISA BVD-RZNT8/96R-96 1'128,00
Cytokine-Like Protein 1 Human E. coli BVD-RD172265100-0.1 535,00
Paraoxonase 1 Human E. coli BVD-RD172279100-0.1 535,00
CD5 Antigen-Like Human E. coli BVD-RD172328100-0.1 535,00
Irisin Human E. coli BVD-RD172359100-0.1 535,00
Cyclophilin H Human E. coli BVD-RD172366100-0.1 535,00
WAP four-disulfide core domain protein 2 Human E. coli BVD-RD172369100-0.1 535,00
ENPP1 Human (HEK), Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody BVD-RD181124100-0.1 400,00
Osteoactivin/GPNMB Human (HEK), Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody BVD-RD181170100-0.1 400,00
Fetuin-B Human (HEK), Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody BVD-RD181172100-0.1 400,00
ENPP1 Human (HEK), Sheep Polyclonal Antibody BVD-RD184124100-0.1 370,00
Follistatin Human, Sheep Polyclonal Antibody BVD-RD184168100-0.1 370,00
Osteoactivin/GPNMB Human (HEK), Sheep Polyclonal Antibody BVD-RD184170100-0.1 370,00
Fetuin-B Human (HEK), Sheep Polyclonal Antibody BVD-RD184172100-0.1 370,00
Zymogen Granule Membrane Protein 16 Human, Sheep Polyclonal Antibody BVD-RD184229100-0.1 370,00
Glucose-Regulated Protein 78 Human, Sheep Polyclonal Antibody BVD-RD184230100-0.1 370,00
FAM3B Human, Sheep Polyclonal Antibody BVD-RD184259100-0.1 370,00
Paraoxonase 1 Human, Sheep Polyclonal Antibody BVD-RD184279100-0.1 370,00
  1-30 of 687