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DirectDetect Zika Virus Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001000101-EN Inquire
DirectDetect Hepatitis B Virus Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001000401-EN Inquire
DirectDetect Hepatitis C Virus Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001000502-EN Inquire
DirectDetect Zaire Ebola virus Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001000702-EN Inquire
DirectDetect QRT-PCR kit MASTER MIX (Probe) 6001001101-EN Inquire
DirectPrep Feline Panleukopenia Virus Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001003203-EN Inquire
DirectPrep Feline Herpes Virus Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001003303-EN Inquire
DirectPrep Feline Calicivirus Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001003403-EN Inquire
DirectDetect Feline Infectious Peritonitis Virus Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001003503-EN Inquire
DirectPrep Toxoplasma Gondii Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001003603-EN Inquire
DirectPrep Leptospira Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001003703-EN Inquire
DirectPrep Canine Distemper Virus Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001003903-EN Inquire
DirectPrep Canine Parvovirus Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001004003-EN Inquire
DirectPrep Canine Babesia Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001004603-EN Inquire
DirectPrep Feline Bartonella Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001004703-EN Inquire
DirectPrep Porcine Circovirus Type 2 Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001005601-EN Inquire
DirectPrep Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001005701-EN Inquire
DirectPrep Classical Swine Fever Virus Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001005801-EN Inquire
DirectPrep Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Pr... 6001005901-EN Inquire
DirectDetect Listeria monocytogenes Detection Kit (PCR- Fluorescence Probe) 6001006901-EN Inquire
DirectDetect Salmmonella Detection Kit (PCR- Fluorescence Probe) 6001007101-EN Inquire
DirectPrep Porcine DNA Detection Kit (PCR- Fluorescence Probe) 6001007701-EN Inquire
DirectDetect Chlamydia trachomatis Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 6001008402EN Inquire
DirectDetect Influenza A and Influenza B virus PCR detection kits (PCR Flourescence Probe) 6001015601-EN Inquire
DirectDetect Kit for African Swine Fever Virus (PCR- Fluorescence Probe) 6001017915-EN Inquire
DirectDetect ALDH2 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) 60030005201-EN Inquire
DirectDetect Novel Coronavirus (2019 nCoV) (ORF1AB/N) Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe) RUO - requires... 6018001902-EN 6018001908-EN Inquire Inquire
Heating Dry Bath (ambient +2°C-100°C) H2O3-H Inquire
Chilling/Heating Dry Bath (0-100°C) H2O3-100C Inquire
  1-30 of 47