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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
YDK010/pPK4-HCP ELISA 30116226 1'248,00
sAPPb-Wild Type high sensitive ELISA JP27732 1'052,00
sAPPb-Swedish Type high sensitive ELISA JP27733 1'052,00
sAPPa high sensitive ELISA JP27734 1'052,00
APPß-CTF ELISA JP27776 785,00
Serotonin highsensitive ELISA RE59141 870,00
sAPP-alpha (Mouse/Rat) high sensitive ELISA JP27419 921,00
sAPPß-Wild Type (Mouse) ELISA JP27416 924,00
Anti-Human sAPPa (2B3) Mouse IgG MoAb JP11088 750,00
Anti-Human sAPPß (Swedish)(6A1) Mouse IgG JP10321 750,00
Anti-Human CRMP-2(Phosp.)(3F4)Mouse IgG MoAb JP29060 807,00
Anti-Human sAPPß-Wild Type Rabbit IgG JP18957 750,00
Anti-Mouse Claudin-6 (C) Rabbit IgG Affin. Purify JP18865 750,00
Anti SSEA-3 (15B11) Mouse IgG MoAb 30144016 721,00
Amyloid-beta (1-38) High Sensitive ELISA RE59771 1'048,00
Anti-Human Amyloid-ß (N)(82E1) Mouse IgG JP10323 750,00
Anti-Human Amyloid-ß (N)(82E1) Mouse IgG MoAb JP10323F-1 Inquire
hCG intakt ELISA RE52191 259,00
Epstein-Barr virus VCA IgG ELISA RE57351 281,00
Epstein-Barr virus VCA IgM micro-capture ELISA RE57361 304,00
HMGB1 ELISA ST51011 1'381,00
  1-21 of 21