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Supplier Product name Pack size Price
Alpaca Haptoglobin ELISA HAPT-17 585,00
Cow Lactoferrin ELISA LF-11 527,00
Cow SAA ELISA SAA-11 585,00
Camel Haptoglobin ELISA HAPT-16 585,00
Camel IgG ELISA IGG-16 499,00
Camel SAA ELISA SAA-16 585,00
Cat AGP ELISA AGP-8 556,00
Cat CRP ELISA CRP-8 585,00
Cat Haptoglobin ELISA HAPT-8 556,00
Cat IgG ELISA IGG-8 499,00
Cat IgM ELISA IGM-8 499,00
Cat SAA ELISA SAA-8 556,00
Chicken AGP ELISA AGP-5 556,00
Chicken Anti-SRBC IgG ELISA SRBCG-5 585,00
Chicken Anti-SRBC IgM ELISA SRBCM-5 585,00
Chicken Ceruloplasmin ELISA CER-5 585,00
Chicken IgA ELISA IGA-5 470,00
Chicken IgG ELISA IGG-5 499,00
Chicken IgM ELISA IGM-5 499,00
Chicken SAA ELISA SAA-5 556,00
Cow AGP ELISA AGP-11 556,00
Cow CRP ELISA CRP-11 637,00
Cow Haptoglobin ELISA HAPT-11 499,00
Cow IgA ELISA IGA-11 470,00
Cow IgG ELISA IGG-11 470,00
Cow IgM ELISA IGM-11 470,00
Dog AGP ELISA AGP-4 556,00
Dog CRP ELISA CRP-4 499,00
Dog Cardiac FABP ELISA HFABP-4 585,00
Dog Haptoglobin ELISA HAPT-4 499,00
  1-30 of 598