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GMP GM-CSF Protein, Human (HEK 293, His) HY-P70567G-1MG HY-P70567G-500uG HY-P70567G-50uG 648,00 Inquire Inquire
GMP IL-2 Protein, Human (HEK293, His) HY-P70758G-1MG HY-P70758G-500uG HY-P70758G-50uG 214,50 Inquire Inquire
GMP IL-4 Protein, Human (HEK293) HY-P70750G-1MG HY-P70750G-500uG HY-P70750G-50uG 540,80 Inquire Inquire
GMP IL-6 Protein, Human HY-P7044G-1MG HY-P7044G-500uG HY-P7044G-50uG 390,80 Inquire Inquire
GMP IL-15 Protein, Human HY-P70776G-1MG HY-P70776G-500uG HY-P70776G-50uG 540,80 Inquire Inquire
Cyclic-di-GMP diammonium HY-107780B-1MG HY-107780B-5MG 228,00 674,30
GMP IL-21 Protein, Human HY-P7038G-1MG HY-P7038G-500uG HY-P7038G-50uG 540,80 Inquire Inquire
GMP TNF-alpha/TNFSF2 Protein, Human HY-P70426G-500uG HY-P70426G-1MG HY-P70426G-50uG 326,30 Inquire Inquire
GMP IL-1 alpha Protein, Human HY-P70454G-1MG HY-P70454G-500uG HY-P70454G-50uG 648,00 Inquire Inquire
GMP PDGF-BB Protein, Human HY-P7055G-500uG HY-P7055G-1MG HY-P7055G-50uG 648,00 Inquire Inquire
GMP IL-1 beta Protein, Human HY-P70586G-1MG HY-P70586G-500uG HY-P70586G-50uG 540,80 Inquire Inquire
GMP Fibronectin Protein, Human HY-P70593G-50uG HY-P70593G-500uG 451,50 Inquire
GMP IFN-gamma Protein, Human (HEK293) HY-P70610G-500uG HY-P70610G-1MG HY-P70610G-50uG 219,80 Inquire Inquire
GMP IL-7 Protein, Human (HEK293, His) HY-P70755G-1MG HY-P70755G-500uG HY-P70755G-50uG 648,00 Inquire Inquire
GMP IL-18 Protein, Human (HEK293, His) HY-P70760G-1MG HY-P70760G-500uG HY-P70760G-50uG 648,00 Inquire Inquire
GMP EGF Protein, Human HY-P7109G-1MG HY-P7109G-50uG 160,50 Inquire
GMP IL-12 Protein, Human (HEK293) HY-P7032G-1MG HY-P7032G-50uG HY-P7032G-500uG Inquire Inquire Inquire
  1-30 of 58