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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
NaveniBright HRP NB.MR.HRP.100 1'855,00
NaveniBright AP NB.MR.AP.100 1'855,00
Naveni pY VEGFR2 NPT.PVEGFR2 2'235,00
Naveni pY PD1 AP NPT.PD1 AP 2'235,00
Naveni pY PD1 HRP NPT.PD1 HRP 2'235,00
Naveni PD1/PD-L1 AP PPI.PDL1.AP.100 2'397,00
Naveni PD1/PD-L1 HRP PPI.PDL1.HRP.100 2'397,00
NaveniFlex control kit NF.CK 371,00
Naveni pY EGFR NPT.EGFR 2'235,00
Naveni pY MET NPT.MET 2'235,00
Naveni pY HER2 NPT.HER2 2'235,00
Naveni pY PDGFR beta NPT.PDGFRB 2'235,00
Naveni Triflex Cell MR TF.100.MR 2'397,00
NaveniFlex Tissue GM Atto647N NT.GM.100.Atto 1'638,00
NaveniFlex Tissue GM RED NT.GM.100.Red 1'638,00
NaveniFlex Tissue GR Atto647N NT.GR.100.Atto 1'638,00
NaveniFlex Tissue GR RED NT.GR.100.Red 1'638,00
NaveniFlex Tissue MR Atto647N NT.MR.100.Atto 1'638,00
NaveniFlex Tissue MR RED NT.MR.100.Red 1'638,00
Naveni PD1/PD-L1 Atto647N PPI.PDL1.FR.100 2'614,00
NaveniFlex Cell MR RED NC.MR.100.Red 1'584,00
NaveniFlex Cell MR Atto647N NC.MR.100.Atto 1'584,00
NaveniFlex Cell GR RED NC.GR.100.Red 1'584,00
NaveniFlex Cell GR Atto647N NC.GR.100.Atto 1'584,00
NaveniFlex Cell GM RED NC.GM.100.Red 1'584,00
NaveniFlex Cell GM Atto647N NC.GM.100.Atto 1'584,00
NaveniLink NL.050 1'150,00
Naveni CD8/MHCI Atto647N PPI.TCR01.FR.100 2'614,00
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