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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Normal Human IgG Control 1-001-A 210,00
Recombinant Mouse OLT-2/TARM1 Fc Chimera Protein, CF 10000-TA-050 656,00
Recombinant Mouse TDO2 His-tag Protein, CF 10001-TD-020 524,00
Recombinant Mouse ALCAM His-tag Protein, CF 10012-AL-100 502,00
Recombinant Human Angiopoietin-like 1 Flag-tag Protein, CF 10013-AN-050 638,00
Recombinant Human BTNL10/Butyrophilin-like 10 Fc Protein, CF 10014-BT-050 539,00
Recombinant Human CD9-LEL Fc Chimera Protein, CF 10015-CD-100 638,00
Recombinant R. sanguineus Evasin-1 Fc Chimera Protein, CF 10016-EV-050 686,00
Recombinant Human IL-12 (linked heterodimer) Protein, CF 10018-IL-010 10018-IL-020 10018-IL-050 10018-IL-100 424,00 530,00 1'231,00 1'782,00
Recombinant Human Netrin-G1a His-tag Protein, CF 10019-NG-050 524,00
Recombinant Mouse VE-Cadherin Fc Chimera, CF 1002-VC-050 495,00
Recombinant Mouse PD-L2/B7-DC (K113S) Fc Chimera Protein, CF 10021-PL-050 469,00
Recombinant Cynomolgus Monkey ALCAM His-tag Protein, CF 10027-AL-100 469,00
Recombinant Human B7-H2 Isoform 3 Fc Chimera Protein, CF 10028-B7-100 481,00
Recombinant Cynomolgus/Rhesus Macaque BCMA Fc Protein, CF 10029-BC-050 469,00
Recombinant Human TGF-beta RII Isoform 2 Fc Chimera, CF 1003-RT-050 507,00
Recombinant Cynomolgus/Rhesus Macaque BTLA Fc Protein, CF 10030-BT-050 469,00
Recombinant Cynomolgus Siglec-2/CD22 Fc Chimera Protein, CF 10031-SL-050 469,00
Recombinant Human CD200 His-tag Protein, CF 10032-CD-050 481,00
Recombinant Mouse Chondroadherin His-tag Protein, CF 10033-CH-050 656,00
Recombinant R. sanguineus Evasin-3 His-tag Protein, CF 10034-EV-050 686,00
Recombinant Human SLURP2 Fc Chimera Protein, CF 10035-SP-050 656,00
  1-25 of 49833

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