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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Carboxyl Magnetic Particles, Smooth, High Iron, 2.5%w/v, 3.8-4.9µm CMS-40-10H 233,00
Silica Superparamagnetic Particles, 2.5%w/v, 0.7-0.9µm, 10mL SIM-08-10H 238,00
Silica Superparamagnetic Particles, 2.5%w/v, 1.0-1.4µm, 10mL SIM-10-10H 243,00
Oligo (dT)20 Gold Particles, 1.0nM, 15-20nm ODT20AUP-002-1 ODT20AUP-002-5 389,00 1'091,00
Oligo (dT)25 Gold Particles, 1.0nM, 15-20nm ODT25AUP-002-1 ODT25AUP-002-5 389,00 1'091,00
Calibration Beads for MoFlo Astrios, 1E7/mL, 3.0-3.4µm C62930 286,00
Ms Anti-FLAG M2 Coated Polystyrene Particles, 0.5%w/v, 14.0-17.4µm MPAF-150-4 433,00
Citrate Gold Particles, 1.0nM, 25-35nm AUP-003-20 113,00
Citrate Gold Particles, 1.0nM, 55-65nm AUP-006-20 113,00
Citrate Gold Particles, 5.0nM, 25-35nm AUP5-003-20 308,00
Citrate Gold Particles, 5.0nM, 55-65nm AUP5-006-20 308,00
Azide Click Chemistry Polystyrene Particles, 1%w/v, 5.0-5.9µm ACCP-50-5 405,00
Oligo (dT)25 Fluorescent Particles, Yellow, 0.5%w/v, 8.0-12.9µm ODT25FP-10052-4 416,00
Streptavidin Magnetic Particles, Crosslinked, 0.5%w/v, 25.0-37.0µm SVMX-300-4 389,00
  1-16 of 16