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Human IFN-gamma ELISPOT kit, Enzymatic staining, w/o Plate CT230-PR5 704,00
Mouse IFN-gamma ELISPOT kit, Enzymatic staining, with PVDF membrane-bottomed plates CT317-PR2 518,00
Mouse IFN-gamma ELISPOT kit, Enzymatic staining, w/o Plate CT317-PR5 704,00
Human IFN-gamma ELISPOT antibody pair CT640-10 CT640-20 678,00 1'203,00
Mouse IFN-gamma ELISPOT antibody pair CT655-10 CT655-20 678,00 1'203,00
Monkey TNF-alpha ELISA kit CT148A 582,00
ICE peptide pool; ELISPOT control CT387 64,00
Monkey MCP-1 ELISA antibody pair CT554-10 CT554-20 704,00 1'216,00
Monkey IP-10 ELISA antibody pair CT555-10 CT555-20 704,00 1'216,00
Human IL-31 ELISA antibody pair CT570-10 CT570-20 704,00 1'216,00
Human MCP-1 ELISA antibody pair CT571-10 CT571-20 704,00 1'216,00
Human IP-10 ELISA antibody pair CT572-10 CT572-20 704,00 1'216,00
Human IL-27 ELISA antibody pair CT574-10 CT574-20 704,00 1'216,00
Human IL-29 ELISA antibody pair CT575-10 CT575-20 704,00 1'216,00
Human IL-1beta ELISA antibody pair CT576-10 CT576-20 704,00 1'216,00
Marmoset IL-6 ELISA antibody pair CT776-10 CT776-20 704,00 1'216,00
Monkey MCP-1 ELISA kit (supernatant only), with plates CT156A 582,00
Monkey IP-10 ELISA kit CT157A 582,00
Marmoset IL-6 ELISA kit (supernatant only) CT346A 582,00
  1-30 of 486