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Supplier Product name Pack size Price
Guanine for biochemistry 1013GR010 Inquire
m-Cresol purple for biochemistry 1014GR005 Inquire
Sodium sulfate anhydrous, powdered for biochemistry 1015KG001 72,00
di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate for molecular biology 1016GR500 1016KG001 73,00 127,00
Adenosine for biochemistry 1021GR005 1021GR100 70,00 397,00
alpha-Ketoglutaric acid monopotassium salt for biochemistry 1022GR050 Inquire
Betaine hydrochloride for biochemistry 1037KG025 Inquire
Gelatine for biochemistry 1042GR100 64,00
D(-)-Arabinose for biochemistry 1049KG025 1049KG001 1049GR025 107,00 Inquire Inquire
Lactobionic acid for biochemistry 1051KG001 Inquire
EDTA dipotassium salt dihydrate for biochemistry 1053KG010 Inquire
EDTA tripotassium salt dihydrate granulated for biochemistry 1054KG010 Inquire
CleanBlot Background Minimizer for immunodetection 1056ML050 1056ML125 1056ML500 255,00 506,00 1'527,00
L-Arginine hydrochloride for biochemistry 1065GR500 1065KG001 196,00 318,00
Sodium deoxycholate for biochemistry 1070KG005 1070KG001 1070KG025 1070GR050 1070GR100 1070GR500 131,00 238,00 674,00 Inquire Inquire Inquire
Glycerol 87 % for molecular biology 1073LT001 167,00
Hematoxylin monohydrate (C.I. 75290) for microscopy 1076GR025 1076GR100 207,00 533,00
  1-30 of 2824