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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Trypsin 1:250 from porcine pancreas for biochemistry 1004KG005 1004GR025 1004GR100 226,00 569,00 Inquire
Lipase from porcine pancreas for biochemistry 1017KU500 Inquire
Trypsin from bovine pancreas for biochemistry 1047GR250 Inquire
X-Gal for biochemistry 1100MG250 1100MG500 1100GR001 1100GR005 78,00 139,00 236,00 734,00
Hyaluronidase Grade I for molecular biology 1141GR100 1141GR001 1141GR005 436,00 1'519,00 Inquire
Proteinase K solution (20 mg/ml) for molecular biology 1151ML001 1151ML010 429,00 Inquire
X-Gal for molecular biology 1168MG100 1168GR001 1168GR005 66,00 288,00 769,00
Lysozyme for molecular biology 1256GR050 1256GR001 1256GR010 71,00 447,00 Inquire
Papain for biochemistry 1364GR025 139,00
Pepsin 1:10000 for microbiology 1393KG025 1393GR100 Inquire Inquire
Pepsin 1:10000 NF12 for microbiology 1403KG025 1403KG001 1403GR100 207,00 Inquire Inquire
ß-Amylase (Barley) for biochemistry 1546GR002 Inquire
Pepsin liquid for biochemistry 1595LT001 1595LT005 Inquire Inquire
Peroxidase from horseradish grade I for biochemistry 1675KU010 1675KU020 Inquire Inquire
  1-30 of 49