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COOMASSIE nano Protein Staining Solution PS002-B500ML PS002-B020ML 38,50 Inquire
5X Concentrate COOMASSIE nano Protein Staining Solution PS002-L05X 224,00
Ponceau S Protein Staining Solution PS003-B500ML 34,00
10X Concentrate Ponceau S Protein Staining Solution PS003-L10X 192,50
RScript™ Reverse Transcriptase RT001-0050 RT001-0250 99,00 363,00
Agarose Tablets AGT002-0500 AGT002-0500S 84,00 Inquire
BluPAD, LED Transilluminator, with mini Darkroom (CE/ETL, Patent No: M543442) BP001CU 748,00
UltraScence Pico Plus Western Substrate (Patent No: US10,711,185) CCH321-B100ML CCH321-004ML 84,00 Inquire
UltraScence Pico Ultra Western Substrate (ECL Substrate) CCH345-B100ML CCH345-004ML 108,00 Inquire
BH 100bp DNA Ladder RTU (11 bands, 100-1,500bps) DM001-R500 DM001-R500S 55,00 Inquire
BH 1Kb Plus DNA Ladder RTU (13 bands, 100-10,000bps) DM015-R500 DM015-R500S 55,00 Inquire
100 mM dNTP Set DN001-0250 97,00
10 mM dNTP Mix DN0010 DN0010S 57,00 Inquire
2X PCR SuperMix MB200-P100 MB200-P100S 55,00 Inquire
Virus Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit PDC03-0100S Inquire
Total RNA Isolation Kit (Plant) PDC07-0100 PDC07-0100S 466,00 Inquire
Genomic DNA Isolation Kit (Tissue) PDC11-0100 PDC11-0100S 302,00 Inquire
Mbead Virus Genomic Nucleic Acid Kit PDM04-0100S Inquire
Total RNA Isolation Reagent PDR03-0100 PDR03-0100S 157,00 Inquire
UltraScence Femto Western Substrate (ECL Substrate) CCH365-B100ML CCH365-004ML 181,00 Inquire
  1-30 of 131