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Supplier Product name Pack size Price
AS-Inclisiran HY-143221-1ST Inquire
Acenocoumarol-d4 HY-B1014S1-1ST Inquire
GSK329 HY-117243-25MG HY-117243-100MG HY-117243-50MG HY-117243-5MG HY-117243-10MG 363,00 589,00 Inquire Inquire Inquire
Tioclomarol HY-106561-1ST Inquire
Flocoumafen HY-111186-1ST Inquire
Takeda103A HY-129118-1ST Inquire
SR19881 HY-137818-1ST Inquire
SS(no Galnac)-Inclisiran HY-143220-1ST Inquire
HTS07545 HY-144439-1ST Inquire
Indobufen-d5 HY-18763S-1ST Inquire
Nordefrin HY-B1708-1ST Inquire
Cadralazine HY-106538-10MG HY-106538-25MG HY-106538-50MG 268,00 542,00 864,00
Foropafant HY-128694-5MG HY-128694-10MG HY-128694-25MG HY-128694-50MG HY-128694-100MG 304,00 459,00 886,00 1'413,00 2'314,00
AM-8123 HY-139486-50MG HY-139486-10MG HY-139486-5MG HY-139486-100MG Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire
MMPSI HY-103346-1ST Inquire
Imidaprilate-d5 HY-109592S-1ST Inquire
BPKDi HY-118052-1ST Inquire
Avatrombopag-d8 hydrochloride HY-13463BS-1ST Inquire
Lomitapide-d8 HY-14667S-1ST Inquire
  1-30 of 204