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Supplier Product name Pack size Price
Medroxyprogesterone-d7 HY-B0648S1-1ST Inquire
Drospirenone-d4-1 HY-B0111S1-1ST Inquire
Chlormadinone acetate-d6-1 HY-B1095S1-1ST Inquire
Tolazamide HY-B0920-10MG HY-B0920-1ML HY-B0920-50MG HY-B0920-100MG HY-B0920-S-1ST 133,00 146,00 243,00 304,00 Inquire
T-98475 HY-107533-1ST Inquire
Makisterone A HY-128030-1ST Inquire
Raloxifene 6-glucuronide-d4 lithium HY-135581S1-1ST Inquire
Raloxifene 4'-glucuronide-d4 lithium HY-135582S1-1ST Inquire
Dienogest-d4 HY-B0084S-1ST Inquire
Dienogest-d5 HY-B0084S1-1ST Inquire
Dienogest-d6 HY-B0084S2-1ST Inquire
RJW100 HY-131445-10MG HY-131445-5MG Inquire Inquire
VPC-13789 HY-139970-1ST Inquire
Diethylstilbestrol-d3 HY-14598S1-1ST Inquire
Degarelix-d7 HY-16168AS-1ST Inquire
Relugolix-d6 HY-16474S-1ST Inquire
Baxdrostat HY-132809-50MG HY-132809-100MG HY-132809-5MG HY-132809-10MG HY-132809-25MG Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire
Cyproterone acetate-d3 HY-13604S-1ST Inquire
Vardenafil HY-B0442-5MG HY-B0442-10MG HY-B0442-50MG HY-B0442-100MG 62,00 97,00 293,00 459,00
Taprenepag HY-14899-5MG HY-14899-1ML HY-14899-10MG HY-14899-25MG HY-14899-50MG HY-14899-100MG HY-14899-S-1ST 161,00 176,00 244,00 507,00 792,00 1'094,00 Inquire
Aganepag isopropyl HY-19923-5MG HY-19923-25MG HY-19923-10MG Inquire Inquire Inquire
  1-30 of 124