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Supplier Product name Pack size Price
G247 HY-145416-1ST Inquire
Coronastat HY-147020-1ST Inquire
Daclatasvir-d16 HY-10466S2-1ST Inquire
Nicarbazin-d8 HY-107814S-1ST Inquire
Baloxavir-d5 HY-109025AS-1ST Inquire
844-TFM HY-143484-1ST Inquire
SP-471 HY-144646-1ST Inquire
Delafloxacin-d5 HY-14814S-1ST Inquire
Mecillinam-d12 HY-A0269S-1ST Inquire
Chloramphenicol-d4 HY-B0239S3-1ST Inquire
Bronopol-d4 HY-B1217S-1ST Inquire
Piperacillin-d5 HY-B1923S-1ST Inquire
Indolicidin TFA HY-P0261B-1ST Inquire
Tuberculosis inhibitor 4 HY-115900-1ST Inquire
Urease-IN-2 HY-115939-1ST Inquire
Neuraminidase-IN-7 HY-143453-1ST Inquire
SP inhibitor 1 HY-144647-1ST Inquire
Tuberculosis inhibitor 5 HY-146348-1ST Inquire
Bleomycin A2 HY-146646-1ST Inquire
Antileishmanial agent-4 HY-146744-1ST Inquire
Antibacterial agent 90 HY-146756-1ST Inquire
Tedizolid-13C,d3 HY-14855S-1ST Inquire
Ceftiofur-d3 sodium HY-B0898S-1ST Inquire
Cefadroxil-d4 trifluoroacetate HY-B1190S1-1ST Inquire
Modoflaner HY-137445-50MG HY-137445-100MG HY-137445-5MG HY-137445-10MG HY-137445-25MG Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire
Isoprothiolane HY-B1858-50MG HY-B1858-25MG Inquire Inquire
  1-30 of 443