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Chloroquine HY-17589A-100MG HY-17589A-1ML HY-17589A-200MG HY-17589A-500MG HY-17589A-S-1ST 97,00 106,00 160,00 309,00 Inquire
Desethyl chloroquine (diphosphate) HY-135811A-5MG HY-135811A-10MG HY-135811A-25MG HY-135811A-50MG HY-135811A-100MG 529,00 786,00 1'135,00 1'819,00 2'917,00
Desethyl chloroquine HY-135811-2.5MG 809,00
Desethyl chloroquine-d5 HY-135811S1-1MG HY-135811S1-5MG Inquire Inquire
Chloroquine-d4 (phosphate) HY-17589S1-1MG HY-17589S1-5MG Inquire Inquire
Desethyl chloroquine-d4 HY-135811S-1MG HY-135811S-10MG Inquire Inquire
Chloroquine (phosphate) HY-17589-100MG HY-17589-200MG HY-17589-500MG 76,00 89,00 115,00
Chloroquine-d5 HY-17589AS-1MG HY-17589AS-5MG 502,00 1'264,00
Chloroquine (dihydrochloride) HY-17589B-1ST Inquire
Chloroquine (phosphate) (Standard) HY-17589R-10MG HY-17589R-50MG HY-17589R-25MG Inquire Inquire Inquire
Chloroquine-d5 (diphosphate) HY-17589S-5MG HY-17589S-1MG Inquire Inquire
  1-28 of 28